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Thinking About La Leche League Leadership?

Leaders represent La Leche League so it is important to know what the organization believes and does. We hope the following frequently asked questions will aid your understanding.

What is the Purpose of LLL?

Our general purpose is to help the mother learn to breastfeed her baby, to encourage good mothering through breastfeeding, and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding and related subjects.

LLL is an international, educational, nonsectarian, non-discriminatory service organization with a single focus and a strict policy of not mixing causes. We have that policy in order to offer breastfeeding help to mothers with a variety of personal beliefs. Leaders know the importance of one mother helping another to recognize and understand the needs of her child and to find the best means of fulfilling those needs. Leaders provide information and support so that each mother can make the decisions which are best for her family.

What does LLL believe?

Leaders believe that breastfeeding, with its many crucial physical and psychological advantages, is best for mother and baby and is the ideal way to initiate effective parent-child relationships. The ideals and principles of mothering which are the foundation of LLL beliefs are developed in The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. This book has provided answers and inspiration for the rewarding and challenging job of parenting to several generations of mothers. Applicants for LLL leadership are required to own and be familiar with this book. If you have not yet read this book, doing so will familiarize you with the organization you might be interested in representing. 

LLL philosophy is summarized in the following ten concepts:

  • Mothering through breastfeeding is the most natural and effective way of understanding and satisfying the needs of the baby.
  • Alert, active participation by the mother in childbirth is a help in getting breastfeeding off to a good start.
  • Mother and baby need to be together early and often to establish a satisfying relationship and an adequate milk supply.
  • In the early years, the baby has an intense need to be with his mother, which is as basic as his need for food.
  • Human milk is the natural food for babies, uniquely meeting their changing needs.
  • For the healthy, full-term baby breast milk is the only food necessary until baby shows signs of needing solids, about the middle of the first year after birth.
  • Ideally, the breastfeeding relationship will continue until the baby outgrows the need.
  • Breastfeeding is enhanced by the loving support of the baby’s father, a co-parent, a partner, and/or close family members who value the breastfeeding relationship.
  • Good nutrition means eating a well-balanced and varied diet of foods in as close to their natural state as possible.
  • From infancy on, children need loving guidance, which reflects acceptance of their capabilities and sensitivity to their feelings.

What does a Leader do?

Most Leaders fulfill the basic responsibilities of leadership, which are:

  • Helping mothers one-to-one by telephone, e-mail, or in person.
  • Planning and leading monthly Series Meetings.
  • Supervising the management of the LLL Group.
  • Keeping up-to-date on breastfeeding information.
  • Helping mothers find out about leadership and prepare to become LLL Leaders.

I think leadership is right for me. What is my next step?

Visit the LLLI Website – Become a Leader to get all the details needed to get started. You can also contact a Leader in your local Group to learn more. For information about how to find a Group if you are not already attending one, click here. To find a Group outside of Florida, click here.