La Leche League of Florida and Caribbean Islands Area Leader Agreement

La Leche League of Florida and Caribbean Islands is an Area connected to LLL Alliance for Breastfeeding Education. The Area will make financial and programmatic information available to LLLI by reporting as required by LLL Alliance, and upon request by LLLI.

I. Leader Responsibilities

A Leader connecting to La Leche League of Florida and Caribbean Islands (LLL of FL/CI) will:

a. Sign the La Leche League International (LLLI) Statement of Commitment upon accreditation and recommit to the Statement of Commitment annually.

b. Maintain good standing as a member of LLL FL/CI by:

• Communicating with the Area and reporting La Leche League activity as required through the Leader Department, Finance Department, and Area Database Administrator; and

• Staying financially current with dues and fees associated with being a Leader and managing a Group, if applicable.

c. Communicate with, support and maintain accountability with co-Leaders, as well as other Leaders directly impacted by her involvement with La Leche League.

d. Remain current with breastfeeding information relevant to her work as a Leader through activities, including, but not limited to, reading, discussion, and/or attendance at Leader or breastfeeding related educational events.

e. Provide breastfeeding information and encourage mothers to obtain any specific medical or legal advice from licensed professionals in those fields.

f. Not use her position as a Leader to promote personal viewpoints, financial gain, or mix causes.

g. Ensure that her activities as a Leader are consistent with La Leche League Philosophy and LLLI Policies and Standing Rules.

h. Maintain confidentiality regarding the personal and medical information of the mothers and children with whom she volunteers, unless otherwise required by law.


II. Leader Privileges

A Leader in agreement with the above guidelines and procedures may:

a. Connect to LLL of FL/CI.

b. Form and lead LLLI mother-to-mother support groups.

c. Work with others in cooperation with any organization that does not directly contradict La Leche League philosophy.

d. Protect and use the LLLI logo and name in accordance with LLLI policies for Leaders and Areas.

e. Speak for LLL of FL/CI and/or LLLI on matters reflective of information consistent with La Leche League Philosophy, including, but not limited to, information found in La Leche League publications (such as The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding), the La Leche League Website, and/or the LLLI Policies and Standing Rules.

f. Seek redress of grievances.


III. Leader connection to FL/CI

A Leader seeking primary connection to FL/CI:

a. May join the Area by being accredited through the LAD and paying the accreditation fee to LLL of FL/CI, paying annual Leader dues to the Area, and/or moving to the Area and requesting to be connected to it.

b. Will be listed in the Area Directory/Area Leader Database.

c. If connected to another Area, may be added to the Area Directory/Area Leader Database after LLL FL/CI confirms she is a Leader in good standing with her previous Area.

d. Will indicate continuing affiliation with LLL of FL/CI by paying Leader dues.

e. Will communicate with and demonstrate her accountability to other Leaders by, but are not limited to, oral and electronic communication, in-person gatherings, Area and Group sponsored online groups, events and communications, and/or attendance at La Leche League events. Leaders report Group and individual activities to the pertinent departments.

A Leader may change primary connection from FL/CI by:

a. Changing her primary connection to another Area and choosing not to maintain a connection to LLL of FL/CI, or

b. Retiring from La Leche League Leadership.


IV. Area responsibilities to Leaders

A Leader connecting to LLL of FL/CI will receive support from Area Administrators or their designates, including:

a. Leader Accreditation support will be provided by a Coordinator of Leader Accreditation. LLL of FL/CI acknowledges that LLLI is the sole source for Leader accreditation and that such accreditation is valid world-wide.

b. Assistance with helping situations involving medical and/or legal questions will be provided through the Area Professional Liaison.

c. Leader support will be provided through an Area Coordinator of Leaders.

d. Support related to financial questions will be provided through the Area Finance Coordinator.

e. Continuing Education opportunities will be provided by the Area Coordinator of Education, in conjunction with other departments.

f. Communication Skills Enrichment will be provided by the Communication Skills Instructor.

g. Access to LLL of FL/CI financial information will be provided through the publication of monthly and annual Area Financial Reports. Monthly and annual Area Financial Reports are sent to the Area Council. Annual reports are published in the Area Newsletter and posted to the Area Web site. All reports, as well as any additional information, is available upon request from the Area Finance Coordinator.

h. Communication from the Area to Leaders and from Leaders to the members of the Area Council will include, but is not limited to, email, online group announcement lists, online discussion forums, the Area newsletter, postal mail and/or telephone.

i. Opportunity to share in Area administration and events will be provided through opportunities, including, but not limited to, participation on the Area Council, planning committees, and/or attendance at Leader education events.

j. Programming includes, but is not limited to, the Area Newsletter, Area Conference, Communication Skills Workshop, LAD Education Day for Leaders and Applicants, and Leader Enrichment Day.

k. Each department will inform Area Leaders of activities and program events, requests for reporting, and results of the reporting and events through the above stated communication methods.


V. Area Team

The Decision-Making Body for La Leche League of FL/CI is the Area Team. Area Leaders have agreed to allow the Area Team to make decisions regarding appointment of Area Council and Area Team members, and to resolve issues of concern among Leaders, Leaders and Area Council/Team Members, and/or among Area Council and Team Members.

a. The LLL of FL/CI Area Team consists of the following positions, each of which is the head of the department it represents and will be filled by a Leader with primary connection to FL/CI: Area Coordinator of Leaders, Coordinator of Leader Accreditation, Area Finance Coordinator, Area Professional Liaison, Area Coordinator of Education, Area Publications Coordinator, and Communication Skills Instructor Coordinator. In the event that one or more of the positions is vacated, the remaining members of the Team retain the ability to make decisions on behalf of the Area. The Team may invite other Area Leaders to become a member of the Team.

b. Decisions of the Area Team will be made by consensus whenever possible and by majority vote, if needed.

c. Discussion will take place via email, phone, or in-person meetings held one or more times per year.

d. Vacancies on the Area Team will be filled following a search. All Leaders in the Area will be notified of the open position and the corresponding job description via email and/or postal mail and other methods of Area Communication. All Leaders applying or recommended for the position will be notified and asked to fill out an application form. Communication among the Area Team, LLL Alliance staff department members, and those interested in holding the position will continue until a decision is made regarding selection of the best candidate.

e. Each department head will appoint members to the department as necessary to carry out her responsibilities. These members will be Leaders with a primary connection to LLL of FL/CI. The Area Team, along with the department members, will comprise the Area Council.

f. Programmatic reporting will be submitted to the Area Network by the Area Team, as requested.


VI. Removal of a Leader from Connection to LLL of FL/CI

A Leader may lose her connection to LLL of FL/CI if she does not fulfill responsibilities as outlined in the LLL of FL/CI Leader Agreement. That notification would only be made after one or more of the following:

a. Co-Leaders attempt to make contact with the Leader and work out a solution satisfactory to all concerned.

b. The Area Coordinator of Leaders, or her designate, attempts to make contact with the Leader(s) and work out a solution satisfactory to all concerned. The methods used will include a direct and respectful communication in person and by phone, email, and/or letter, followed by a certified letter requesting a reply within 21 days if there has been no resolution.

c. If the Leader does not reply to the certified letter or a solution satisfactory to all concerned cannot be found, the file is forwarded to the LLL Alliance Leader support administrator. The support person will then
utilize her support system as necessary and communicate as needed with the rest of the
Area Team members in order to gather needed information and facilitate a resolution.

d. If a resolution cannot be achieved, the Area Coordinator of Leaders will notify the Leader in question by mail that she is not fulfilling the responsibilities of leadership in LLL of FL/CI, and she will be removed from the Area database, indicating that she is no longer connected to LLL of FL/CI. LLLI, LLL USA, and LLL Alliance will be notified of this change through regular reporting procedures.


VII. Removal of an Administrator from a Position on the LLL of FL/CI Area Council/Team

Any Leader who believes an Area Administrator (member of Area Council, including the Area Team) is not carrying out her responsibilities as explained in the job description:

a. May bring this to the attention of the administrator in question with direct and respectful communication of the problem.

b. If the Leader does not receive a satisfactory answer, she may bring it to the attention of the head of the department of the administrator in question, or in the case of a Team member, to any other Team member.

c. A Team member will facilitate communication between the administrator in question and the Leader who brings up the difficulty, if they both agree to such communication.

d. If unable to come to a resolution and the administrator is found not to be carrying out the responsibilities of the position, the administrator in question will be asked to consider her ability to continue in the position. Such a discussion will take place with her support person and/or department/Team members. The department support person from LLL Alliance Area Network may be asked to assist with this communication.

e. If the administrator in question cannot carry out the responsibilities of the position, she will be asked to resign and return all Area materials.

f. Removal of an administrator from her position is a joint decision by the Area Team members for Area Council members or is made collaboratively between the Area Team and the Area Network support staff for Area Team members. Leaders in the Area and support persons for the Area Network will be notified of this change through regular reporting procedures.


VIII. Agreement availability and review

a. A copy of this agreement will be sent to each Leader upon request to join the Area and to all Applicants before accreditation. It will be available in the secure Leader’s section of the Area Web Site and available to any Leader upon request.

b. At the beginning of each fiscal year this Agreement will have an annual review period. Any Leader connected to LLL of FL/CI may propose a change during the proposal period between April 1 and April 30. Within 30 days of the end of the proposal period, proposed changes will be sent to all Area Leaders via email and/or postal mail for consideration, and Leaders will have 14 days to comment on the proposed changes. The Area Team encourages any discussion of changes and their possible implications that may occur between Leaders of LLL of FL/CI.. Any changes to the Area Agreement will require 51% (simple majority) of Leaders connected to LLL of FL/CI to be approved.

LLL Leaders Connected to Areas other than LLL of FL/CI

I would like to change my connection to LLL of Florida and Caribbean Islands–how do I do that?

This is considered a Primary Connection with LLL of Florida and Caribbean Islands. Please contact our Area Database Administrator, Justine Hirsch, at <> to request the connection.

I am connected to another Area or Area Network. Can I connect to LLL of Florida and Caribbean Islands in addition to my current connection?

Absolutely! You may have a Primary or Secondary connection to Florida and Caribbean Islands. We offer the same support and accountability to all Leaders, whether they have one or more connections. We work toward a complementary existence with any LLL entity to which you are currently connected.

What does it cost to be a part of LLL of Florida and Caribbean Islands?

Annual Leader dues for a Primary connection for our Area are $55 a year. Secondary connections are free. This fee can be paid online on the right side of this screen. If you are a newly accredited Leader of less than a year and paid the accreditation fee to another Area, LLL of Florida and Caribbean Islands will respect that payment as your first year’s dues. If you have moved here from another Area and your dues are current, we will honor them until they expire. In this case, you simply have to change your connection (see above) to connect to LLL of Florida and Caribbean Islands.