Sometimes there can be a situation where you want to recommend a mother for leadership but your co-Leader isn’t so sure. It is best to resolve this situation early on. Remember, you will all need to be comfortable working together if the mother does become an LLL Leader. Talk to your co-Leader. Find out what her objection is and then, if a simple discussion doesn’t resolve your differences, ask Christine Thompson, Coordinator of Leader Accreditation (CLA), <> for advice.

Maybe you and your fellow Leader have a different interpretation of how this potential Applicant’s experience fits with one of the ten LLL concepts.  The CLA can dialogue with you to sort this out and help you and your co-Leader talk more in-depth about what you see in this mother or about differing interpretations of the concepts. In some cases, more dialogue with the potential Applicant may be needed before you submit your recommendation so that you have a better understanding of her ability to represent La Leche League. Whenever there is a difference in opinion among Leaders about whether a mother meets the prerequisites, the CLA should be consulted immediately.

Sometimes, the trouble can come later in the application process. Perhaps, to give an example, one Leader feels that the Applicant is not developing in her communication skills and learning how to talk like a Leader, leaving her own personal beliefs out of it. Again, the Associate Coordinator of Leader Accreditation (ACLA) that you and the Applicant have been working with, or the CLA, can help you to work through this and decide if some exercises may help or whether the problem is more serious. You can find Leader Accreditation Department (LAD) exercises here: Sometimes it can be hard to admit that there is a problem if you were the one who encouraged or recommended the Applicant. But helping her to see more clearly what her responsibilities as a Leader would be can help her decide if she is ready and able to meet them.

Let’s chat about this in the FL/CI Leaders Facebook group. Next time, we will talk about what to do when a mother comes to you about leadership but after dialoguing, you feel you cannot recommend her for leadership.


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