LLL Groups in La Leche League of Florida and Caribbean Islands:

Some Groups are now beginning to offer in-person meetings outside. The USA is still in the midst of a global pandemic so while Groups are opening up, only parents/families can determine what is right for them in terms of attendance. Please contact your local Group to learn more. If you need help finding the Group closest to you, please contact Justine Hirsch, Area Coordinator of Leaders for LLL of Florida and Caribbean Islands, at acl.lllflci@gmail.com.

For information about breastfeeding and Covid-19 click: HERE

Many meetings are still being offered virtually. Parents are welcome to attend any virtual meeting regardless of their location. Groups which are hosting virtual meetings have this logo: virtual meeting   

Click HERE for a list of all virtual meetings.

Click HERE to search for Leaders/Groups within the United States by zip code.

Liga de la Leche en Florida (Grupo de apoyo a la lactancia materna en Español)